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My car battery just quit working. I guess it had a terminal illness.
Dwayne Johnson paid me to clean up and organize his craft room, but sadly, I lost his scrapbook cutting tool. I lost the Rock's paper scissors.
A sheep dog tells her owner she found all fifty sheep. Her owner says that there should only be 46. The dog says, “but I rounded them up.”
My Wife is freaking out about the coronavirus. She made me promise I'd put the mask on before I left for work this morning. Now I'm two hours late and I'm not even a fan of Jim Carey.
A friend in Germany says that there has been panic buying of sausages and cheese. It's the Wurst Käse scenario!
What does a spy wear on his feet? Answer: Sneakers
Why did the fisherman stop hauling shellfish? Answer: He pulled a mussel
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