Dad Jokes

Two drunk guys were about to get into a fight. One draws a line in the dirt and says, “If you cross this line, I’ll hit you in the face.” That's the punch line.
The NFL has this obscure rule where players aren’t allowed to own pet ducks. It's considered to be a personal fowl.
A pirate walks into a bar with a paper towel in his hat. The bartender says "Hey pirate, what's with the paper towel?" The pirate replied "Arr, I got a bounty on me head!"
I always wanted to be a Gregorian Monk but I never got the chants.
Where is Yoda's favorite seat on an airplane? Next to a Windu.
Is it okay to peek into your neighbor’s house if you are still technically in your own property? Personally, I'm on the fence...
6:30 is the best time on a clock. Hands down.
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